Thursday, May 9, 2013

Haitian Creole Bible

Hi Friends, Many people will fall in love with the Creole language. The main purpose for them to find a  Haitian Creole Bible  not only to learn that Creole is not a language.  Creole word itself means that a combination of languages, there are  mainly based in English , French based, Spanish based, etc Creole languages.  Haitian Creole (mostly this referred to as just Creole) is based in French from the 18th century. Most of the entire island nation of Haiti speaks the language and with the massive earthquake that devastated Haiti many organizations have been traveling to Haiti. languages, Haitian Creole is not one that an America could pick and up and understand.  You could try pronouncing it in their native tongue as the majority of the letters are english characters, but you will butcher the pronunciation. To make it much easier to learn Creole language then you can buy this Haitian Creole Bible. This is coming in different color covers. You can buy the Haitian Creole Bible ( Bib La)- Black - 1999 Edition which is having the  Vinyl cover,  Ribbon markers. This bible includes the  Chapter and section headings; References, Word list, and Maps. All these you can get for very cheap price and now you can get 10% to 15% savings. You can buy this bible online through the above link. I hope you will surely buy this book and will know most of the things. Also I hope you will share this information to all of your friends.

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