Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Thirumathi Silks is a new woman’s and kids showroom opened in T.Nagar. Its has a huge collection of women’s wear including sarees, salwars, kurthas and leggings. The sarees in this Thirumathi Silks has a unique blend of southern culture and northern design. The interesting part of sarees is the designer sarees. Thirumathi Silks has a pile of designer saree collections. One would love to buy all the sarees in this showroom. The salwars are an important element in this showroom. It has a large variety of cotton and silk salwars. The kurthas are very modern and has lot of work on them. The kid’s collections are really lovely and there is abundance of girls and boys dress.

The price of all the sarees and dresses are very nominal. Unlike other showrooms the sarees and dresses are not priced high. The prices of these sarees and dresses are very affordable. The customer service offered by them is phenomenal. They cater to every need of one’s family function or celebration. The show room is located in the centre of the city. The fully air-conditioned showroom has a tailoring unit attached to it which will give a peace of mind, since they don’t have to rush to the tailoring shops to get their blouses of salwars stitched.

If one is looking for beautiful and superb sarees and salwars collections at nominal prices, the Thirumathi Silks should be their first choice. Located at No, 23 North Boag Road T.Nagar, Thirumathi Silks has lots of space for car and two wheeler parking. If one enters into the Thirumathi Silks they are sure to call it an island of women’s and kids wear, as their tag line goes. With immense collection of excellent sarees, salwars and kids wear, Thirumathi Silks is definitely to make it big among the textile shops in T.Nagar.

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