Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Day trip from Shanghai

Xian is one of the important visiting place where you can plan for a day trip from Shanghai. You can make a plan to Xian from Shanghai through flying into Xian at early morning and flying out at evening. If you choose the flight from Shanghai to Xian then it will usually takes 2 and half hours. In peak season you have to spend more money for flight and will take more time for travelling. So better to prefer non peak season so that you can save money and time. The one more method to travel is through Rail. The train journey usually takes about 10:40 by the dynamic train D306 which departs at Shanghai Station and arrives at Xian North Station while T and Z trains cost little bit longer but no more than 16.5 hours and arrive at Xian Station. There are some high speed rails also there so you can either select one of them. Rail journey is cheaper compared to flight journey but it is not a easy thing to get the tickets in peak season timing. I hope this article would help you to give more information. To know more you can visit I really happy to write this sponsored post.

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